Is Talib Kweli Greene A Hypocritical, Racist Virtue Signaler?

Talib Kweli was a hip hop hero before I looked into the man behind the microphone. The deeper into the cave of who this man was that I went, the worse things I found. Things so bad, you’d likely disown your friends, let-alone some random semi-star who’s music you would listen to when you’d played out artists like Jay Z, Kanye, Mos Def, KRS-ONE, and the regular rotation of hip hop mainstays that we’ve all come to know and love.

To even know who Talib Kweli is, you have to be well-versed in hip hop, because he never really made it into the mainstream. Even with the help of artists like Kanye West, Mos Def, and Jay Z - he simply couldn’t find his creative edge to give himself that mass appeal that so many of his peers enjoyed during the golden age of hip hop.

It’s sad for sure. To paraphrase Jay Z, if lyrical skills had anything to do with success, I’m sure Talib Kweli Greene would’ve been more popular - but at the end of the day, it takes more than that. There are so many talented rappers out there who never made it big. There is a certain “it” factor that many lack, Talib included that cause them never to blow up. Sure, you can be a sad, pathetic loser and say they just don’t recognize - or that mainstream is only for sellouts, but at the end of the day - music is a business. If you don’t make mainstream, you’re simply not a top player. This fact has obviously bothered Greene as he’s grown into what appears to be a bitter-ass old man who spends most of his days virtue signaling on Twitter and race-baiting anyone and everyone he can for what little attention he can muster.

They say never meet your heroes. Talib was never a hero of mine per say, but he was an artist that HAD (past tense) my respect. Until I ‘met’ him on Twitter. On Twitter, it quickly becomes evident to anyone with a brain and an ability to piece things together - that Talib Kweli is nothing more than a flagrant hypocrite. The words he spits on wax are simply untrue. He’s no man of the people. He’s a butt-hurt man who blames the color of his skin for his lack of success. More-so, he blames ‘the evil white man’ as the main reason why being black is synonymous with victimhood. It’s sad really. An insult to every successful black man and woman before and after him, and a mental roadblock to the black people looking to come up, who hold him with any regard or esteem.

Dare I say he is the kind of leader who keeps the folks who follow him down. It’s sad, depressing even - if you really allow yourself to get into it. But at the end of the day, I’d argue he’s no leader at all. He’s a self-made victim.

It bleeds into his work, into his career, and into his personal life.

If a man being in an image with the confederate flag makes one racist, surely now Talib is racist, right?
Don't forget, Talib doesn't allow for context or explanation. Therefore, yep, Talib's Racist AF.

From his racist rants on Twitter against anything that isn’t as blacker than his heart, to the court documents that show him an abuser of power willing to lord it over anyone he deems ‘under him’ (which is just about everyone, I’m sure). What do I mean exactly? Well, look it up my friend… It ain’t hard to tell the man is a little boy in a grown man’s body.

He tried forcing himself on a female artist he brought to Mexico. In a pool, while married, he tried forcing himself on this poor girl, and when she refused his advances? He crushed any hopes of a career that he had promised her to that point. It’s disgusting, but is only the tip of the iceberg when you start looking into the actual man that goes by the name of Talib Kweli Greene.

Keep in mind, this is all my personal take on the events in question - but my point here is not to think for you, but to encourage you to look things up yourself. Do some research, and find out for yourself, just like I did - the kind of hypocrite hiding behind the microphone.

The reason I got into ANY of this with Talib is because he attacked my client, Tom Woods. Tom is a well-known libertarian podcaster, scholar, and speaker. He’s dedicated his life to freeing minds from dependency upon the state / government, and to promoting individual liberty. Talib claimed one day on Twitter that Tom was a Nazi-Klansmen Racist because in 1998 Tom spoke at a meeting in the Southern United States, trying to convince a room full of people to adopt a mentality of Libertarianism, instead of one of southern heritage. At this meeting, there was a confederate flag.

Because Talib Kweli’s mind constantly searches for anything he can virtue signal as ‘RACIST RACIST RACIST!!!’ this meant to Talib, that Tom was obviously a racist of the absolute worst kind. The kind of man who should be railroaded and black-listed out of the industry, and out of the spotlight that Talib so desperately craves. In short, the allegations, and the accusations are total BS. We go into it, here: if you’re interested in deep diving into the exact catalyst of all of this. We also teach you how to profit off of trolls like Kweli when they attack you online. So, all in all? It’s definitely worth a listen, or a read.

I decided to take the heat off of my client, Tom Woods, as he’d asked be to do. He was genuinely worried before our podcast interview of the damage that lil’ ole Talib could do to him. After the podcast, the mood changed, and Tom realized that this too could lead to better things after a reframing of everything that was going on.

As a part of taking the heat off of Tom, I needed to get the attention of Talib, so I used my poor excuse for a skill in photoshop to doctor up some hilarious photos like Talib’s face on the body of “Captain Confederacy” and a bunch of other things that most found humor in. Low and behold, Talib Kweli found no humor, and instead declared himself a victim.

“The evil racist white men are out to get me!! HaLp!”

Lol. B*tch please. Nobody here is racist, but we are sick of your racist ass attempting to bring harm to good people simply for attention. You’re like a toddler throwing a tantrum so he gets what he wants. We see through your bullsh*t, and proceeded to play you like the fool that you are.

Not because you’re black, but because you are a vicious predator who needs to be dealt with. Not in any violent way, as that’s simply not our style as Libertarians… Nah, instead, we’ll mercilessly mock you, and watch your own spiked blood pressure do you in. See, stress is a helluva drug - and it’ll wreck your life, if you’ll let it. Talib lets it. In spades.

At the end of the day, Talib decided to get me booted off of Twitter. Hilarious considering all of the names he called me, and how he told me how irrelevant I was. The man sure expended a LOT of effort on someone he thought was a nobody. He stressed so much he had his wife / ex-wife / who f*cking knows come and defend his honor. lol.

His claim “Shane Hunter is not Hip Hop” made me (Shane Hunter) decide I’d record a diss track hip hop song, dusting off the mic after not touching it in 10+ years, just because I can. When I was younger I was big into music, and had quasi-dreams of breaking into the entertainment industry. Then I met the girl of my dreams, and decided to become a business owner instead. I’m thankful for that transition, as it made me into a much wiser, much more mature individual, with my creativity as an extreme advantage. Stepping back into music / beat production, as well as MC’ing was a trip within a trip. Literally. On a trip to Washington I’d planned before any of the Talib Kweli BS ever flared up, I called up my friend Erik and asked if he wanted to make a song with me. Over the next 3 days, we pounded out the entire beat, lyrics, and recorded everything from the stuff in Reason to the live bass, to the vocals and background vocals. Next up, was the promotion of this new song “Did Ya Hear That, Talib Kweli?”.

I used to get my stuff online and into all of the streaming sites like Spotify, Tidal, Napster, Google Play, and the Apple Music Store. Taking my skills in advertising and marketing, I went to work reading up on the specifics of music promotion in 2018, and quickly found my strategy.

Between the main track and it’s remixes, I’m at well over a half a million streams just a few months after recording. For a mainstream artist, that ain’t shit - but for a guy, just messing around, learning things on the fly? It’s not too damn shabby. Especially when you consider there was zero pre-promotion, and no album to tie this thing to. I even made a music video of the song myself just to really set Talib off. That’s when he had me removed from Twitter.

I guess instead of coming back at me like a man, this is how he though he could have me go away. Wrong. lol. It only emboldened my efforts, and made me push twice as hard. I won’t rest until at least 1 million people have heard this song. That way, it’s reached just as many people as his idiotic virtue signaling Twitter rants do. That will give me some kind of strange sense of vindication. Justice will be served.

I know, I know - there’s a lot of you out there who are going to lose your shit simply because I’m going after someone who you perceive as an ‘untouchable legend’, but the fact of the matter is - I simply don’t view ole Talib in that light anymore. Since doing my research, and discovering what a hypocrite the man is - I’ve made it my mission to show as many people the light as possible. That’s what this website is for, that’s what this song and it’s remixes are for, that’s what the music video is for, and that’s why I did the podcast interview on Tom Woods’ show. The response from those not too entrenched in guru-worship of this false idol of a man, has been overwhelmingly awesome. Thank you to all of my early supporters, and to all of the people who joined in on the ride anywhere else along the ride. It’s been a trip, and it’s even been profitable. Just like I promised on the podcast about Talib Kweli.

To listen to the song, click any of the images below, or go check the song out on YouTube. I appreciate as many streams as you’re willing to give me. I hope you can appreciate the realness I’m bringing, and the truth that I spit on this track. I know Talib Kweli Greene will forever remember this catchy song, and I will too. Peace.

Shane Hunter
The Abrasive Entrepreneur